Can anyone call SingCERT to report suspected cybersecurity incidents?
Can anyone call SingCERT to report suspected cybersecurity incidents?
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min read Published on 19 Aug 2020

Yes! Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can alert SingCERT to cybersecurity incidents if you think you’ve been a victim of a phishing e-mail, if your company’s website has been defaced or if its computer network has been compromised. SingCERT can assist to find possible remediation or provide referrals to specialised vendors who can best remediate the threat.

What are CERTs? Does Singapore have a CERT?
CERT, or Computer Emergency Response Team, is the first responder to cybersecurity incidents. CERTs are neither new  nor exclusive to Singapore. They exist in different countries and provide advice on best practices in computer security to prevent and handle incidents. 

What does SingCERT do in the event of a cyber incident?
SingCERT examines the nature of the cyber incident and issues advice on remediation measures for affected users to take. SingCERT also shares crucial information on specific incidents, when available, with businesses and members of public to prevent them from falling victim, and to minimise the potential impact of the cybersecurity incident.
Because cyber threats are borderless, SingCERT works with other CERTs to issue advisories on critical cybersecurity incidents around the world.
SingCERT also partners with international CERTs on drills to strengthen capabilities and coordination efforts. 

Can SingCERT find out who hacked my system and apprehend the culprit? 
SingCERT is not a law enforcement agency. It does not have the authority to investigate criminal acts, like account hacking or impersonation/phishing scams. Cyber crime investigations are carried out by the Singapore Police Force. 

What else does SingCERT do?
To fend off potential cyber threats, SingCERT issues timely technical alerts and advisories to the public, to highlight security vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation measures.
Through outreach efforts, SingCERT encourages the cultivation of good cyber hygiene practices, so that businesses and members of public are better equipped to protect their devices and information. 
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To report cybersecurity incidents, please use our incident reporting form