When you change your residential address, you can update several government agencies at once by following these steps. Do this as soon as possible to avoid losing your important and urgent letters and bills in the mail.

Step 1: Obtain proof of your new address

Before you can change your address on your NRIC, you must obtain proof of your new residential address. 

You can use these documents as proof of your new residential address. Please make sure they are recent documents, dated no later than 3 months ago:

  • Phone/Internet bill
  • Service and conservancy bill from your Town Council
  • Utilities bill
  • Cable TV bill
  • Credit card/Bank statement
  • Insurance bill/statement/letter
  • Tenancy agreement for residence
  • HDB bill/statement/letter

You can also use these documents if they were issued less than a year ago:

  • CPF statement/letter
  • LTA bill/letter (e.g. road tax)
  • IRAS bill/statement/letter (e.g. income tax, property tax, etc.)

Step 2: Take your documentary proof to a Police Centre/Post or the Citizen Services Centre

Take your document and your NRIC, to your nearest neighbourhood police centre/post or to the Citizen Services Centre at this address: 

Citizen Services Centre
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
3rd storey, ICA Building
10 Kallang Road
Singapore 208718 

If your documents are in order, the officer will make the necessary changes on your NRIC. They will then update your address with these agencies. For government agencies that are not listed above, you have to update your address with them separately.