DIY your own reusable mask
DIY your own reusable mask
It takes little more than a reusable bag and a spare tee to make your own mask
min read Published on 09 Apr 2020

There are a number of great tutorials out there on how to DIY your own reusable mask. We’ve broken down the steps from a tutorial by A*STAR student researchers that will teach you how to easily make a good-quality mask, using items you probably already have at home.

Once you have your own reusable mask, do wear it if you need to go outside, and are unable to avoid close contact with others

Things you need

Outer layer

  • Reusable bags (e.g. supermarket totes). Not canvas, cotton, plastic bags
  • Test them under running water to check if they are waterproof

Middle filtering layer (disposable)

  • Dried wet wipe/baby wipe/floor wipe/kitchen towel

Inner absorbent layer (reusable and washable)

  • Thin cotton cloth from t-shirts or wiping cloth


  • Elastic band
  • Cable tie
  • Scissors, stapler and masking tape

Watch how it’s done

Click here to watch the video tutorial by A*STAR