More support, whether you’re studying or job-hunting
Saving jobs and livelihoods
  • Incentives for employers to hire local workers who have undergone reskilling or training programmes
    • 20% of monthly salary support for 6 months, capped at $6,000 in total, when hiring workers under aged 40 and above
  • SkillsFuture Credit top-up for training
    • One-off $500 SkillsFuture Credit top-up for adult Singaporeans
    • Check out the available courses
Creation of Job and Training opportunities
  • SGUnited Jobs and Traineeships
    • Over 123,000 opportunities made available
    • 21,000 traineeships for first-time job seekers – applications closed in December 2020
    • Training allowance of $1,200 per month (for course duration) for 30,000 job seekers under the SGUnited Skills programme
Giving every child a good start in life
Higher financial assistance for students
    • A Singaporean child will receive over $180,000 of education subsidies by the time they turn 16
    • Higher annual bursaries for students across all education levels
    • Higher transport and school meal subsidies for primary, secondary and pre-university students
    • Higher education bursaries increased from $148 million to $198 million per year
    • ITE students from low-income households will get a 100% tuition fee subsidy
Support for students with special educational needs
    • More Special Education Schools to be set up
    • Peer Support Intervention Programmes will be extended to all mainstream schools
Encouraging students to learn for life
    • Students will be equipped with mental health and cyber-wellness knowledge, and learn when to seek help
    • Character and Citizenship Education will build a strong foundation of moral values, good character and resilience for students
    • Digital literacy in schools and Institutes of Higher Learning will be enhanced through the National Digital Literacy Programme
    • Students will be able to build a deeper understanding and appreciation for Asia with more opportunities to visit ASEAN countries
Strengthening digital literacy
    • New digital platforms for online teaching and learning
    • Accelerated timeline for all secondary school students to own a digital learning device by 2021
    • An additional $200 Edusave top-up in 2020 to support their purchase
Reliable, accessible and affordable public transport
Smoother cross-island commutes
    • By 2024: Thomson-East Coast Line for faster trips around town
    • By 2028: Jurong Region Line to get around Western Singapore easily
    • From 2029: Cross Island Line for more convenient journeys to the East and West
    • Learn more about our rail expansion
A more connected Singapore
    • By 2030, 8 in 10 households will be within a 10-minute walk from a train station
    • By 2040, you can reach your nearest neighbourhood centre within 20 minutes, and expect most peak-hour journeys to be under 45 minutes, using Walk-Cycle-Ride modes of transport
    • Learn more about our transport masterplan
Affordable transport
Greater convenience for all
    • 200km of covered walkways to get from public transport nodes to your home, school and places like clinics
    • More inclusive transport for all, such as Priority Queues, Priority Cabins and wheelchair-accessible facilities

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