Moving into Phase 3 of Re-Opening on 28 Dec 2020
Moving into Phase 3 of Re-Opening on 28 Dec 2020
Resuming more activities safely
min read Published on 14 Dec 2020

As Singapore has made good progress to support a further resumption of activities, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) will start Phase 3 of re-opening from 28 Dec 2020.

Update on pre-conditions for moving into Phase 3

To move into Phase 3, we needed:

a) Adherence to safe management measures

b) Sufficient testing capabilities for early detection and public health action: Singapore ramped up Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test capacity significantly to be able to run over 50,000 tests a day. Antigen rapid tests were also introduced for larger and higher-risk events.

c) High adoption of TraceTogether (TT) for quick and effective contact tracing: As at 13 Dec 2020, around 65% of Singapore residents are on the TT Programme, and Singapore is on track to reaching the target of around 70% by the end-2020. 


Further re-opening in the community

Having assessed that these pre-conditions are in place, here is the list of activities that will be further re-opened in the community from 28 Dec 2020:

Group size for gatherings will be increased from 5 to 8 persons
  • Up to 8 persons for social gatherings and household visitors at any point in time
Capacity limits of premises will be increased
  • Attractions can start applying to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to increase their operating capacity from 50% to up to 65%
  • Capacity limits will be increase from 10mto 8mper person in malls and large standalone stores
Capacity for congregational and other worship services will be increased up to 250 persons
  • These services should be conducted in zones of 50 persons each for congregational services
  • Congregational and other worship services as well as religious rites/prayers conducted at places of worship may involve live performance elements, e.g. with a limited number of singers, wind and other instruments, with the necessary safe management measures in place
Total of 10 persons for marriage soleminsations + up to 8 visitors allowed 
  • In Phase 3, the hosting household will be able to invite up to 8 visitors (excluding members of hosting household, the solemniser and vendors), even if this exceeds the existing cap of 10 persons.
  • In Phase 2, a total of 10 persons (including members of hosting household, excluding the solemniser and vendors) are allowed
Live instrumental music (except for wind instruments) will be allowed for some activities
  • Necessary safe management measures should be in place
  • Activities include marriage solemnisations (in indoor venues only), funerals and funerary-related activities
Changes in regulations for indoor live performances 
  • Indoor live performances can have up to 250 persons (in zones of up to 50 each)
  • Pilots for up to 250 persons in live performances for outdoor venues (in zones of 50 each)

The MTF will continue to conduct pilots in some higher-risk activities and settings such as busking and live performances in outdoor venues, karaoke, nightlife to assess how these activities can take place and scale up safely. 


Mandatory TraceTogether for SafeEntry check-ins will only be rolled-out in early 2021

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, where the TraceTogether App or Token is required for SafeEntry check-ins, will only be implemented early next year, after everyone who wants a Token has had a chance to collect one at a Community Club or Centre in their constituency.

Until we implement TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, visitors can still perform SafeEntry check-in via the TraceTogether App, SingPass Mobile, or QR reader apps, or use their identity cards with barcodes such as NRIC, Pioneer or Merdeka Generation cards. 

Keeping Singapore’s migrant workers safe

With the stabilized situation at the migrant workers dormitories and Singapore’s transition into Phase 3, Singapore will gradually relax the restrictions on migrant workers to keep them both physically and mentally safe amidst the pandemic.

Gradual relaxation of restrictions on migrant workers
  • Can visit Recreational Centres more often to access daily needs e.g. barber or remittance services
  • Migrant workers can access communal facilities in the dormitories e.g. cooking stations and sports facilities
Pilot scheme will be started in the 1st quarter of 2021 to allow migrant workers to access the community once a month
  • Subject to compliance with
  1. Rostered Routine Testing
  2. Wearing of contact tracing tokens
  3. Safe living measures 
Strengthen safe management measures for migrant workers
  • Migrant workers living in dormitories and working in Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors must wear their BluePass tokens
  • Employers to ensure workers continue to go for Rostered Routine Testing


Looking ahead to further re-opening

Even with the comprehensive plans for Phase 3, Singapore should continue to stay vigilant particularly with the upcoming festive period.

Safe management measures, COVID-19 testing and contact tracing will continue to be necessary and effective in helping Singapore mitigate the virus spread and to keep the community transmission low. Strict checks and enforcement actions will continue to be carried out to ensure that Singapore is safe from the virus.

Let’s all stay united and disciplined in our fight towards COVID-19 – for a safer and healthier 2021. 

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