Source: Home Team News

On 4 November 2020, Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, delivered a Ministerial Statement (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3) on the review of the case of Parti Liyani v Public Prosecutor (2020). Here are key excerpts from the Statement.

1. The Conduct of the Liews

Minister Shanmugam noted that serious questions had been raised about how one or more of the Liews had conducted themselves.

Minister Shanmugam also noted inconsistencies in Mr Karl Liew’s conduct and evidence during the trial, and said that Mr Liew was under investigation as to whether he had committed any criminal offences.

2. Ms Parti Liyani's Inconsistencies

Minister Shanmugam noted inconsistencies in many of Ms Parti Liyani’s statements. Her answers changed from one statement to another, and the Police and AGC thought she was untruthful. Based on the Police’s investigations, they assessed that she did steal, and that was why she was charged. Several aspects of Ms Liyani’s evidence in Court also raised questions.

3. Police and the AGC's Reasons for Proceeding

Minister Shanmugam explained that the case had been handled as a routine theft case by the Police and AGC, noting the reasons that Ms Liyani had been charged

Minister Shanmugam also affirmed that there had been no attempt by anyone to influence the Police or AGC.

4. Upholding the Rule of Law

Minister Shanmugam stated the Government’s continuing commitment to upholding the Rule of Law.

Minister Shanmugam also stressed the importance of the Government maintaining high standards of conduct.

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