Returning home to new opportunities

When Suriah Bte Abd Jalil returned to Singapore after being away for 5 years, her biggest concern was to secure a job. She did it with the help of a work attachment.

Photo Credit: GP Hotel Management Pte Ltd 

In 2019, Suriah Bte Abd Jalil, returned to Singapore from Indonesia where she had lived for 5 years. While she was glad to be home, she was also aware of the challenges ahead of her.

As she was in her mid-forties, she was concerned about her job search: 

I had no idea what working in Singapore again would be like — and how much it has changed as well. It was really hard, especially at my age.

Suriah spent a year searching for jobs before coming across the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme — Company Attachments. This programme allows mid-career individuals to take on a company attachment for up to 6 months to gain industry experience and boost their employability, while receiving an allowance.

Under this programme, GP Hotel Management Pte Ltd offered Suriah the role of a Front Desk Executive. It was a steep learning curve as she had no prior experience in the hotel industry. But she was undeterred. Fortunately, Suriah had experience working as a restaurant manager before she left Singapore. She enjoyed interacting with customers, and was able to draw on her previous work experience to assist hotel guests. With the help of her supervisors and colleagues, she was able to learn how to use the hotel’s computer systems and understand the workings of a hotel’s operations.

In February 2021, Suriah’s efforts paid off. Her supervisors were won over by her positive attitude and willingness to learn, and they offered her a full-time position at the end of her attachment.

This is only the start the of Suriah’s journey. She is excited to grow and improve herself in her current company.

Her advice for those who are in the midst of looking for a job:

Do not give up. There is always an opportunity out there. And there is always someone out there who is willing to help you.

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