3 benefits you will receive from the Budget 2022 Household Support Package
3 benefits you will receive from the Budget 2022 Household Support Package
Offset your utility bills, household expenses and more
min read Published on 04 Jul 2022

Energy and food prices are rising worldwide due to a variety of factors, including global uncertainties such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and supply chain disruptions.

Singapore has not been spared from this, and many households are adjusting their spending habits to cope with inflation.

The Government has ramped up efforts to support you. Read more about how the Government is supporting you to manage cost of living pressures.

As part of the Government's suite of measures to help Singaporeans manage rising costs, the Household Support Package was introduced in Budget 2022 to cushion the immediate impact of inflation.

Check out the 3 support measures Singaporean households will receive from the Household Support Package.

1. Doubled GSTV – U-Save rebates to offset utility bills

Together with the Assurance Package (AP) for GST, eligible Singaporean households residing in HDB flats who do not own or have any interest in more than one property will receive double their regular GST Voucher – U-Save rebates in FY2022 to further offset their utility bills. Theserebates will be directly disbursed into each HDB flat’s utilities account every quarter. 

This amounts to about 8 to 10 months’ worth of utility bills for the average household living in 1- and 2-room HDB fats, and about 4 to 6 months’ worth of utility bills for those living in 3- and 4-room HDB flats. 

In addition, on 21 June 2022, the Government announced that every Singaporean household living in a residential property in Singapore will be given a $100 Household Utilities Credit to help offset utilities bills. This will be disbursed by September 2022

HDB Flat Type             April 2022 July 2022 October 2022 January 2023 Total GSTV U-Save for FY 2022
 Regular U-SaveHSP U-Save Regular U-SaveHSP U-Save  Regular U-SaveHSP U-Save   Regular U-SaveHSP U-Save 

1 – and 2 – Room


 $95 $95$95  $95 $95 $95 $95 $760


 $85 $85$85  $85 $85 $85$85  $85 $680
4-Room              $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $600
5-Room $65$65 $65 $65 $65  $65 $65 $65 $520


$55 $55  $55 $55$55 $55  $55 $55 $440

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2. CDC vouchers for household essentials

From May 2022, every Singaporean household can redeem $100 worth of CDC vouchers to spend at participating heartland merchants and hawkers. This is on top of the $100 CDC vouchers disbursed in December 2021. Both set of vouchers are valid till 31 December 2022. Only one household member with a Singpass account needs to claim the vouchers on behalf of the entire household. To claim the vouchers, visit go.gov.sg/cdcv, select CDC Vouchers Scheme 2022, and login with Singpass.

Look out for this decal while shopping to discover shops you can spend your CDC vouchers!


3. Top-ups to education accounts

To further defray your children’s education-related expenses, the Government will provide every Singaporean child aged 20 and below this year with a one-off $200 top-up to their Child Development Account (CDA) Edusave account, or  Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA). This is in addition to the annual Edusave contribution by the Government. The Edusave account and PSEA top-up was disbursed in May 2022. The top-up to CDA will be disbursed from September 2022.

Funds in the CDA can be used for your child at educational and healthcare expenses at Approved Institutions (AIs). These include registered childcare centres, kindergartens, special education schools, providers of early intervention programmes, providers of assistive technology devices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and optical shops. Funds in the Edusave account and PSEA can be used to pay for approved fees and enrichment programmes.


Looking for schemes you are eligible for? Check out SupportGoWhere. Visit go.gov.sg/b2022hsp for details on support for households.

Read more about how the Government is supporting you with the rising cost of living.