Claim: Anyone can be punished for writing or sharing a negative view about the Government online.


Fact: The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulations Bill targets falsehoods, NOT opinions or criticisms. Falsehoods are statements of fact that are false or misleading.


You won't get into trouble for sharing criticisms


What is the purpose of this Bill?

  • The Bill aims to protect society against damage from online falsehoods created by malicious actors.
  • Online falsehoods can cause serious harm to society. Many countries have adopted or are considering laws to combat online falsehoods.


How will this affect how I post things online?

  • The Bill will not affect most Singaporeans.
  • You will not get into trouble for sharing criticisms, as they are opinions and not statements of fact.


Most Singaporeans will not be affected by the Bill 


What actions may be taken?


  • Falsehoods which may harm the public interest may have to be updated with a correction. With the facts placed alongside the falsehoods, people can discern for themselves. In more serious cases, the post may have to be taken down.
  • Only those who deliberately use falsehoods to undermine the public interest using falsehoods may be subject to criminal action.


Only falsehoods that may cause harm to society may be corrected