[Updated] What's the difference between the 3 types of CHAS cards?
[Updated] What's the difference between the 3 types of CHAS cards?
All Singaporeans can get a CHAS card!
min read Published on 27 Jul 2022

[Updated 27 July 2022]

Recall our Deepavali video about a guest falling ill during a Royal Deepavali feast? 



Jokes asides, here’s a quick FAQ on your top 5 questions about CHAS.

1. What is CHAS?

CHAS stands for Community Health Assist Scheme. 

CHAS cardholders enjoy subsidised medical and/or dental care at participating GP and dental clinics.

It covers common illnesses (e.g. cold and fever), selected chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes and high blood pressure), and selected dental services and recommended health screenings. For the list of conditions and services covered under CHAS, please click here.

2. I heard there are different colours of CHAS Cards? What are they?

The three colours are GreenOrange and Blue

They represent different levels of CHAS subsidies.

3. What’s the difference?

The colour of the CHAS card indicates the subsidy tier that cardholders are entitled to. The amount that cardholders pay will be based on the fees charged by the clinic, minus the CHAS subsidies.

The table below summarises the subsidies that cardholders can receive, depending on the colour of their card.

4. Any additional help for the Pioneer and Merdeka Generation?

Yes! Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation seniors get special CHAS subsidies.

What’s more, the PG or MG card also serves as their CHAS card.

5. How can I apply?

Visit here to apply for your CHAS card today!