Three reasons why we need to expand our airport infrastructure

Capacity, jobs and more choices with expansion.

Changi Airport

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced on 28 February 2018 a new Airport Development Levy to fund the Changi Airport expansion project, or Changi East.

Factually shares three reasons why we need to expand our current airport infrastructure.

1.     Changi Airport’s capacity expected to be fully utilised by late 2020s

What does this mean for travellers? If Changi Airport does not expand, air traffic at Changi Airport may exceed capacity, and we may start to experience congestion at the airport. Service standards may start to drop and more delays can be expected. When the new developments at Changi East are completed in 2030, travellers can continue to enjoy efficient and safe flights.
2.     More jobs for Singaporeans

The new infrastructure developments at Changi will enhance our attractiveness as an air hub and business centre. We can expect a growth in tourism and trade, new global partnerships and more good jobs for Singaporeans. This makes Singapore attractive to global investments, and offers businesses the opportunity to use Singapore as a springboard to other regional centres.
3.     More travel destinations

With an expanded capacity, travellers can enjoy a greater choice of airlines, flight frequencies and destinations at competitive airfares, as airlines grow and expand with the increased airport capacity at Changi. This benefits Singaporeans, tourists and businesses.

Joint MOT-CAAS News Release (28 February 2018)

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