From working out, to dining in – many are making an extra effort during this crucial period post-circuit breaker to stay vigilant and keep the likelihood of resurgence low.

We made a call for tips and suggestions through’s Instagram channel on what you are doing to adapt to life in Phase Two, and received a treasure trove of responses.

Working and socialising from home

I wish more people would be more considerate and patient of the situation and everyone around them, be a bit more kiasu and keep themselves and everyone around them safe.
Judy Ong, a medical sales professional          

“I am still working from home in Phase 2. Generally, engagements with customers are done via calls or WhatsApp messages. For company meetings, we have Zoom meetings twice a week.

I keep in touch with close friends and family members via messages and WhatsApp video calls. We send food over to one another occasionally. Before COVID-19 started, I did Zumba once a week. Now, I follow some YouTube and ActiveSG exercise videos, and do 5km walks to keep fit and stay sane.

I feel there are still some individuals not acting socially responsibly – their noses are exposed while wearing their masks, or some may pretend to be engaged in strenuous exercise to avoid wearing masks. There are some who do not wash their hands after visiting the washroom, or not practicing safe distancing. It is important for all of us to stay vigilant and practice good hygiene to keep everyone safe amidst this period.”

Finding safe ways to keep fit

Don’t wait till there are safe distancing ambassadors then we do the right thing. Do the right thing even when nobody is around.
Rabani, a freelance personal trainer

“While I am in the gym, I ensure that temperature taking is done. I sanitise my hands before entering the gym and use tissue with sanitiser spray to wipe down the gym equipment. I also place a towel on top of the equipment while using it, and I would wipe it again after exercising to remove my perspiration.

By taking these steps, I help ensure that I am socially responsible towards fellow gym users. I hope through doing this routine every time I visit the gym, other users may follow the right way to keep safe in the gym.

As the gym is an enclosed air-conditioned environment, I encourage my clients to keep their masks on as much as possible, even when they workout. We also try to have fewer conversations in the gym. With these steps, we all can keep safe and fit while we workout.”

Taking care not to fall sick

I’m not taking any chances on my health and well-being so that I can stay in prime condition to teach my students.
Muzdalifah Hamzah, a programme manager/lead educational therapist at DAS

“I have been eating more greens and fruits and supplements such as Vitamin C to enhance my immune system so I can stay healthy. This period has not been an easy time for my students at Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) as the pandemic has disrupted their learning schedules. I want them to continue to receive the best interventional support for their learning differences regardless of circumstances.

A significant highlight of Phase 2 for me is that I can finally meet up with my family members and friends whom I have sorely missed during the Circuit Breaker period. However, to ensure we stay safe when going out or for work, I ensure that I bring my hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wet wipes, a Ziplock bag to keep my mask when I am dining outside and extra disposable masks.

Bringing an extra mask out is essential as I will try to change to a fresh one after a few hours of teaching for better hygiene, safety and comfort. And who knows, the opportunity may arise for me to offer my additional mask to someone who may need it!”

Using the TraceTogether app

I understand it sounds scary and like a sci-fi movie. But if we all use the TraceTogether app it’s  easier to do contact tracing and stop the spread of COVID-19. 
Anthony Isaakidis, a Manager at Facebook
“I have been coping better in Phase 2. Seeing more Singaporeans back on the streets feels like things are going back to my old Singapore.

I have been using the TraceTogether app and checking my temperature daily before I go out. I have a good understanding of how the TraceTogether app works and this has made me feel very comfortable using it.

As I work for a technology company, I was very curious when the TraceTogether app first came out. I also love using the built-in Safe Entry Check-In feature. It makes getting into stores much quicker than scanning the QR code.

I wish more people would use the app. If we all use the app, it is very easy to do contact tracing, and this helps to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Eating in and exploring new recipes

I’m getting used to being a hermit. After all, stay home and stay safe!
Leon Wong, a freelance copywriter 
“My wife and I minimise outings with friends to reduce our exposure to the virus, and to reduce the risk of us passing it unknowingly to our elderly parents. If we need to head out to get groceries, we bring along a hand sanitiser to disinfect our hands. And we use it liberally because we're kiasi!

In addition to washing our hands more often, I wish people will make it a habit to use hand sanitisers to disinfect their hands. Just a little squirt goes a long way!

Since the beginning of the Circuit Breaker, I am grateful that my wife has been preparing healthy home-cooked meals for us. She makes the yummiest grub like rice bowls, pasta and wraps. Nutritious vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and spinach are a must! I enjoy her cooking and encourage her to explore new recipes online. What can I say...I'm a blessed husband.”

Maintaining high levels of hygiene 

I will use a large piece of tissue paper when removing my mask. I grab and fold vertically with one hand, then take off the ear loop with another hand. Once the mask is taken off, I further fold it into half, and wrap it in the tissue. 
Jennifer Tong, a medical technologist

“I have been coping with Phase 2 by carrying hand sanitisers in my bag. I use it after touching any common surface. One thing I am mindful of is to never touch the external surface of the mask, which is the surface that has germs and bacteria on it.

It is important to know what is the correct way of wearing a mask and disposing of it after use. Usually, I will use a large piece of tissue paper when removing my mask. I grab and fold vertically with one hand, then take off the ear loop with another hand. Once the mask is taken off, I further fold it into half, and wrap it in the tissue. When the mask is safely wrapped up, I will keep it in a bag. After eating, I will carefully open up the mask inside the tissue paper and wear it.

To discard the mask, I would fold it inside out and tie it up with its earloops and dispose of it safely. At times, I will also spray the external layer with 75% alcohol before discarding. I see these precautions as a new normal.”

Stay vigilant, stay safe

As more activities resume, we need to stay vigilant and adapt to life in a new normal. The health of all depends on each of us, so #Don’tSabo!