Some workers who face disruption in their workplace and short-term stints of unemployment may feel inclined to fire off the same resume to as many employers as possible. While this is understandable, it will not be very effective, and it’s important to know your options and play to your strengths. 

Finding a job –If you need help finding a job, you can seek support from Workforce Singapore (WSG)’s Careers Connect and appointed Career Matching Providers as well as NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to improve your chances of finding an employer whose needs matches your capabilities. Through professionally certified Career Coaches, these centres provide career coaching, workshops and networking events available to all Singaporeans.

E2i and WSG Careers Connect Locations

Where should I improve – e2i renders assistance ranging from helping workers identify areas of development as well as employment options, to providing training and workplace recommendations. As a skills-based institute, it specialises in nurturing workers for better employment and employability. Amongst others, this has benefitted PMETs who have been retrenched and forced to make mid-career switches.

Coaching to success – WSG Careers Connect provides customised career matching services that enable jobseekers to make informed choices about their career choices and goals. WSG’s career coaches will assist you in assessing your employment situation and transferable skills, and work with you to develop a personalised action plan, comprising a series of career exercises, workshops and events, to enhance your job search capabilities.

Helping Singaporeans who find it challenging to look for a job – To complement the services offered by these centres, the Government has also launched the Career Support Programme (CSP) to support Singaporean PMETs aged 40 and above who have been made redundant or have been actively searching for a job for 6 months or more. Through the CSP, eligible jobseekers can take on new jobs with a gross monthly salary of at least $4,000 a month ($3,600 for SMEs). Such employers and more can be found on the portal, the national platform that aims to provide Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents with a fast and smart job search service to match them with relevant jobs, based on their skills and competencies.


Finding a new job may be a demanding process, but there are sources of support to help you find an employer that values your experience and hones your skillset. In the event that you feel you may have been discriminated by an employer, you can seek assistance from the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP). They can  offer advice on possible options such as mediation, and provide guidance on avenues for redress as appropriate. Firms that are found to have failed in considering local candidates fairly may even be blacklisted. In this way, you can rest assured that safeguards are in place to ensure that Singaporeans have good jobs with good wages.