Does our Prime Minister get paid up to $4.5 million a year?

No. There have been inaccurate reports about ministerial salaries circulating in recent weeks. Factually clears the air.


Several websites and social media pages have jumped on the issue of ministerial salaries in recent weeks.


  • Falsehood #1: The government is not upfront about how ministerial salaries are calculated.

    Fact: This is false. The pay components are set out in a White Paper, which was tabled in Parliament in 2012. You can find the White Paper here.  

minister salary infographic

The MR4 Minister’s annual salary of $1.1 million includes bonuses. If the minister doesn’t do well – and if the economy doesn’t do well – he may get well below $1.1 million.

  • Falsehood #2: Our Prime Minister is being paid $2.2 million a year as a base salary, not including bonuses. His total salary is $4.5 million

    Fact: This is false. The Prime Minister’s norm salary is set at two times that of an MR4 Minister. His $2.2 million annual salary includes bonuses. The Prime Minister does not receive a Performance Bonus as there is no one to assess his performance annually. He does receive the National Bonus.

    This article is accurate as of September 2018. 




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