After MOH raised the risk assessment to DORSCON Orange, there have been reports of people clearing out food and household items at supermarkets.

Photos have been circulating online, of temporarily empty shelves.

(Screenshot of Minister Chan Chun Sing's
Facebook post
, 7 Feb)

(Screenshot of NTUC FairPrice's Facebook post, 7 Feb)

Even though the current status has been moved up to DORSCON Orange, there is no need to rush to stock up on essential supplies. DORSCON Orange means that additional precautionary measures to minimise the risk of further transmission of the virus are introduced. The advice to the public at this level is to:

- Be socially responsible. Stay at home if you are sick.
- Maintain good personal hygiene
- Look out for health advisories
- Comply with control measures

Singapore is not running into a shortage of essential food or household items. Stocks are available in warehouses, and stores have been replenishing their stocks. The Government also has a national stockpile for essential items.

Even with increased demand, supermarkets are ramping up their replenishment of high demand products. There are sufficient supplies of food, and supermarkets have been restocking their shelves.

Our supply chains are intact and there has been no disruption to Singapore’s imports.

(Screenshot of Minister Chan Chun Sing's
Facebook post
, 8 Feb)

(Screenshot of NTUC FairPrice's Facebook post, 8 Feb)


(Stores restocking their shelves)

Let’s all play our part

Be responsible and do not hoard items. Panic and over buying supplies will deprive others who really need these things.

Singaporeans are urged to help others where you can. Look out for others in the community, and share reliable information from official sources with them.