In view of the heightened risk of importation of COVID-19 cases into Singapore, all short-term visitors will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore.

All countries/regions [updated 29 April 2020]

From 23 March 2020, 2359 hours, all short-term visitors (from anywhere in the world) will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will only allow the entry / return of work pass holders, including their dependents, for those providing essential services, such as in healthcare and transport.

All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass holders returning to Singapore will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN)^.

Persons under SHN must remain in their place of residence at all times.

The border control measures in relation to COVID-19 are summarised below:

Travel History in the last 14-days in Countries/Regions For Singapore Residents and Long Term Pass Holders For Short-Term Visitors
All countries

14-day SHN

All holders of Work Pass (and their dependants), Long-Term Visit Pass, Student’s Pass, as well as those who have been granted in-principle approval for work pass and Long-Term pass must obtain approval from MOM/ICA before they commence their journey to Singapore.

Not allowed entry or transit

^SHN will not apply to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders transiting in Singapore without leaving the transit area.

For more details, refer to MOH's press release.

Work pass holders entering Singapore from Malaysia [updated 25 Mar 2020]

Effective 25 Mar 2020, all new and existing work pass holders (including dependants) planning to enter Singapore from Malaysia must obtain MOM's approval before they commence their journey. This is regardless of the mode of travel into Singapore.

The Singapore-Malaysia Special Working Committee has agreed that the transport of all types of goods between Malaysia and Singapore will be facilitated during the duration of Malaysia's Movement Control Order. As such, those conveying essential services, or supplies (e.g. lorry drivers, vegetable supply truckers, frozen supply truckers) via land and sea crossings will be exempted from MOM's entry approval and SHN requirements.

For more details, refer to MOM's press release.

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Health Advisory for persons on Stay-Home Notice [updated 18 Mar 2020]

Persons under SHN must remain in their place of residence at all times for 14 days after entering Singapore.

They are not to leave their place of residence, even if it is to purchase food and essentials. If necessary, they may opt for home delivery services or enlist the assistance of others for their daily necessities.

They should minimise contact with others, monitor their health closely, and observe good personal hygiene.

For details on SHN, refer to MOH's health advisory.

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