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Built Environment
Architects plan, design and oversee the construction of buildings. They integrate aesthetics and utility into the design of buildings and their surroundings.

With a focus on creating a sustainable, inclusive and liveable environment in Singapore, more Architects will be needed.
Digital Delivery Specialist
Digital Delivery Specialists research, develop and evaluate digital solutions in the Built Environment discipline. They identify gaps in work processes and implement digital solutions to address them.

More Digital Delivery Specialists are needed as more organisations adopt technology for their operations.
Offsite Construction Manager
Offsite Construction Managers manage all technical aspects of the factory site, and keep track of resources requirements. They plan the sequence of events from production to bringing the module from the factory to the construction site.

As Singapore continues to create sustainable spaces to live, work and play, more Offsite Construction Managers will be needed.
Financial Services
Applications Developer
Applications Developers are specialists who create software applications, or apps, for operating systems or devices. They are involved in the design, development, testing, implementation and updating of the apps and ensure that users’ needs are met.

As more financial services become digitalised, Application Developers will find their services in high demand.
Data Analyst
Data Analysts collect, process and analyse data. They translate data into insights to help organisations and companies make informed business decisions.

As organisations rely increasingly on data to make business decisions, more Data Analysts are needed.
Data Engineer
Data Engineers are responsible for managing “big data”. They do this by designing, building and testing infrastructure to facilitate data collection, flow, storage and processing. They also maintain the organisation’s data ecosystem and ensure the data is easily accessible.

With big data playing an increasingly important role, the need for Data Engineers is expected to rise quickly.
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Healthcare & Community Care
Allied Health Professional
Allied Health Professionals comprise a diverse group of specialised healthcare professionals, including physio and occupational therapists, diagnostic radiographers and medical social workers. They are essential in caring for patients through therapy, management and/or education.

As Singapore’s population grows and ages, more Allied Health Professionals will be needed.
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technicians manage the distribution of medications to patients. They are responsible for keeping inventory, as well as preparing and dispensing pharmaceutical supplies.

As Singapore’s population grows and ages, more Pharmacy Technicians will be needed.
Staff Nurse/Enrolled Nurse
Staff Nurses/Enrolled Nurses play an important role in caring for patients, including assessing their physical and mental wellbeing, managing their care and performing clinical procedures. They typically work as part of a team of health professionals to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of patient care.

Singaporeans can continue to enjoy good jobs in various nursing roles, as more nurses are required to support our growing healthcare needs.
Infocomm Technology
Associate Business Analyst
Associate Business Analysts help review client requirements and document them for product developers. They also analyse risks and benefits of digital solutions before proposing them to clients.

As Singapore grows its digital economy, the demand for Business Analysts in the tech sector is set to grow in the coming years.
Associate Network Engineer
Associate Network Engineers assist in the planning, configuration and management of networks to optimise the flow of data. They also monitor and troubleshoot technical issues with the network system.

Data is akin to vehicles travelling on an ever-growing network of highways; thus, Network Engineers are needed to ensure the uninterrupted and secure flow of traffic.
Associate Software Engineer
Associate Software Engineers design, develop tests, debug and implement software applications or specialised utility programmes. They also provide support in updating and improving existing applications, ensuring they work as intended.

As we increasingly digitalise with the use of Artificial Intelligence, demand for Software Engineers is consistently on the rise.
Wholesale Trade
Business Analyst/Market Research Analyst/Market Analyst
Business Analysts/Market Research Analysts/Market Analysts identify new opportunities by analysing data and market trends, providing insights for business development.

Job opportunities in these roles are expected to grow, driven by the increasing use of data and market research to make business decisions.
Trade Finance Analyst
Trade Finance Analysts review finance transaction reports and monitor credit facilities in trade processes. They also support the trade finance team responsible for operational activities relating to trade finance and dealings with financial institutions.

The increasing complexity of trading has made managing trade finance more challenging and important. More Trade Finance Analysts will be needed to navigate complex financial and regulatory landscape.
Trade Operator Executive
Trade Operator Executives ensure the smooth running of daily trade operations, processing orders from end-to-end. They are also responsible for storage and the delivery of products to clients.

Operations is a vital part in wholesale trade with good career prospects.
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