Smoking offences in Singapore

Underage smoking
Smoking under the age of 18 is an offence in Singapore. 

Convicted persons are liable to a fine of up to $300 

To report:
Contact the Tobacco Regulation Branch
T: 6684 2036, 6684 2037

Prohibited areas 
Smoking is not allowed in most indoor locations in Singapore. However, certain premises have designated areas for smoking. 

Smokers are liable to a composition sum of $200 if caught smoking in prohibited places, or up to $1,000 if convicted in court. 

To report:
  • Smokers are liable to a composition sum of $200 if caught smoking in prohibited places, or up to $1,000 if convicted in court.
  • For public places where there is no management to deal with violators, contact the National Environment Agency at 1800-CALL-NEA (1800 225 5632) to file a report.

Places where smoking is banned

Entertainment outlets
  • Amusement centres
  • Cinemas & theatres
  • Indoor ice-skating rinks, roller skating rinks and roller discotheques
  • Nightspots (except in designated smoking areas) e.g. Discotheques, Pubs, Bars, Lounges, Nightclubs

Food places 
  • Food places (except in designated smoking areas)
  • Any foodshop (except in designated smoking areas) e.g. Coffee shops & cafés. Canteens, restaurants
  • Hawker centres (except in designated smoking areas)

Sports & recreation facilities
  • Indoor sports arenas bowling alleys, billiard saloons, gymnasiums/aerobics/fitness centres
  • Public swimming pools, including any changing or shower room, or any area in the vicinity of such swimming pool
  • Sports stadiums, including any facility, shop or common area within its compound
  • Playgrounds or, exercise areas including any sidewalk, chair or bench or other adjacent amenity for the users of the playground or exercise area or for care givers accompanying such users

Healthcare facilities
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Hospitals and hospital outdoor compounds
  • Maternity homes
  • Medical clinics
  • Nursing homes

Commercial & industrial premises
  • Enclosed premises of a bank, where members of the public haves access for the purpose of carrying out banking transactions
  • Office premises, except designated smoking rooms
  • Factories

  • Shopping malls or complex, including any atrium, courtyard, corridor, lobby and stairwell or other area within the shopping mall or complex
  • Shops
  • Markets

Schools & libraries
  • Public libraries and libraries in any institution of higher learning
  • Schools, junior colleges, polytechnics, and training institutes, including any areas within its compounds
  • Any enclosed part of any building, hall of residence, canteen, lecture theatre, sports and recreation centre or stairwell in any university

Arts & culture
  • Public museums
  • Public art galleries

  • Any enclosed area in the terminal buildings of Singapore Changi Airport (except designated smoking rooms)
  • Bus interchanges or bus terminus (except a bus terminus which is situated along the side of a road and does not provide for boarding of or alighting by passengers), including any facility, shop or common area within its compound
  • Bus stop or Bus shelters, including any area within 5m radius from the outer edge of the shelter or, where there is no such shelter, from the bus stop pole
  • Car parks in a multi-storey building or in the basement of a building, including any corridor, lobby, stairwell or other common area within the car park, but Underground & multi-storey carparks, excluding any uncovered area of the car park
  • Ferry terminals & piers
  • Omnibuses, private buses, private hire buses, school buses
  • Rapid Transit Systems railway premises
  • Omnibuses, private buses, private hire buses, school buses, taxis

Common areas
  • Lifts, including lift lobbies
  • Enclosed corridors, lobbies, stairwells or other common areas of office premises
  • Any common area of any residential premises or building, including atriums, courtyards, common corridors, lobbies, void decks & stairwells
  • Pavilions within the common property or limited common property of any residential premises or building
  • Covered or underground pedestrian walkways, whether permanent or temporary
  • Covered drop-off or pick-up points for passengers in vehicles, whether permanent or temporary and whether connected to a covered pedestrian walkway or otherwise
  • Pedestrian overhead bridges
  • Washrooms, including mobile toilets
  • Any area within 5 m of any ventilation intakes, windows, entrances or exits of a buildings

Private premises
  • Any hall, ballroom or function room (including any such premises located in a hotel) during the time it is used for a meeting, conference, seminar, course or an exhibition, or for the purpose of serving meals
  • Any restaurant, bowling alley, billiard saloon, arcade games room (including jackpot machine room), gymnasium, fitness centre, library, reading room, theatre or cinema in any private club
  • Hotel lobbies

  • Nature Reserves
  • NParks smoke-free parks such as: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, HortPark, Admiralty Park, Bedok Reservoir Park, Kampong Java Park, Yishun Pond Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Tampines Eco Green, Dairy Farm Nature Park, Springleaf Nature Park and Neighbourhood Park located next to Block 809 and 810 Yishun Ring Road and the playgrounds, fitness areas, shelters, toilets and any other areas within the parks and park connectors with "No Smoking" signs

  • The Supreme Court, the State Courts and Small Claims Tribunals
  • Areas occupied by a queue of two or more persons in a public place
  • Community buildings, community centres and community clubs belonging to/managed/maintained by the People's Association, including any facility, shop or common area within its compound