From 26 May 2020, residents of Singapore1 can collect an improved version of reusable masks, as part of the third mask collection exercise.

Where can I collect the new mask?

You can collect the mask from 26 May to 14 June 2020 at all Community Clubs (CCs), Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres and special vending machines located at all CCs.

Collection Period
 Where to Collect
Counter Vending Machine
Week 1
26 May - 1 June 2020
All CCs and RC Centres
10am to 6pm daily
All CCs
24 hours
(Note: Operational from 26 May, 10am onwards)
Week 2 - 3
2 June – 14 June 2020
Not Applicable All CCs
24 hours

What do I have to bring?

To avoid crowding, one family member should collect the masks on behalf of the household.

Bring along your family members’ NRICs, Birth Certificates or any government-issued identification with a barcode.

Are there kid sizes?

Yes, there are two mask sizes available for collection – adult and kid size. The kid size masks are suitable for children 12 years and below.

To collect a kid size mask, you will need to present an identification document for children 12 years and below. With adult identity cards, you will only be able to collect adult size masks.

What is new about this mask?

Both types of reusable masks (adult and kid size) are made of at least 3 layers of material, with a filtration efficiency of at least 95%, even after 30 washes.

New materials have also been used to improve their resistance to droplets, as well as wearing comfort.

Are there measures to ensure our safety during collection?

Safe distancing measures and temperature-taking will be implemented at all CCs and RC Centres to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of other residents, volunteers and staff.

High-touch areas on the vending machines are also treated with self-disinfecting coating, which can last for 3 months. The vending machines will also be cleaned and restocked regularly.

Where can I check on the availability of masks?

You can visit to check the availability of the masks in the vending machines before making your way down.
When should I wear a mask?
  • When outside of your home
  • On public transport, taxis, and private hire cars
  • Walking to or at markets
  • For essential workers at all workplace premises
When can I remove my mask?

Only while engaging in strenuous exercise outdoors such as running and jogging, but you must put it back on once you have completed your exercise.

Can my child wear a mask?

Mask-wearing is not recommended for young children below the age of 2 for child safety reasons.

NOTE: Enforcement will be flexible for groups with difficulty wearing a mask, eg. children with special needs.

Is it an offence if I don’t wear a mask outside my home?

Yes. First-time offenders will be issued composition offers of $300, and repeat offenders will face higher fines or prosecution in court for egregious cases.


WHO recommendation of wearing surgical masks only when sick

The Government’s recommendation on the use of masks has been based on scientific advice and guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), and that is for individuals to wear surgical masks only when sick, in order to protect others. This was also when Singapore did not have community spread of the virus.

Singapore’s changing situation

Our situation is now changing. There is increased local transmission in Singapore, and a possibility of some undetected cases in the community. There is also some evidence that infected people showing no symptoms may infect others. This is why the WHO is reviewing its guidelines on mask usage.

Therefore, we will no longer discourage people from wearing masks . Wearing a mask may help to protect others, in case you have the virus but don’t know it. This is so that you keep your droplets to yourself - when you sneeze or speak or cough. It can also protect yourself a little better, especially if you are elderly, or vulnerable because of pre-existing health conditions.
Prime Minister Lee, in his address to nation on 3 Apr on COVID-19 situation
Wearing of reusable masks 

For those who need to go out, wear a reusable mask to provide some protection:
  • Reusable masks complement safe distancing measures and provide some basic protection
  • The mask helps protect others from you, in case you are infected but unaware
Prioritising surgical masks for healthcare workers

Because there is currently a global shortage of surgical masks, Singapore needs to conserve these masks for those who need them most: our healthcare workers, and those who are sick.

[1] This includes foreign domestic workers, foreign workers not living in dormitories and international students living in hostels, excluding foreign tourists. For foreign workers living in dormitories, the masks will be distributed through Ministry of Manpower channels.