[Updated as of 14 Dec 2021]

Singapore and Malaysia will launch a land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) via the Causeway on 29 November 2021.

In the first phase of the land VTL, travellers will only be able to travel on designated VTL buses. There will be 32 land VTL designated bus services entering each country per day. Travellers who arrive via other means (e.g. private transport or walking across the Causeway, etc.) will be subjected to prevailing border control measures, which include serving a 7-day Stay-Home Notice.

From 20 December 2021, Singapore Citizens will be able to enter Malaysia, and Malaysia Citizens will be able to enter Singapore, via the VTL (Land). Previously, only citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders of the country they were entering were able to travel via the VTL (Land). There will be no change to the current test protocols in both countries.

All travellers entering Singapore will have to abide by the prevailing testing protocols and safe management measures, which include the post-arrival 7-day COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test regime. 

Requirements for travelling

Travel history of travellers: Travellers must have remained in Malaysia, any other VTL or Category I country/region[2] and/or Singapore in the last 14 consecutive days before arrival in Singapore.

Testing: Travellers must also test negative in a valid pre-departure COVID-19 ART or PCR test, within 2 calendar days before departure for Singapore, taken at a laboratory or centre that is accredited or recognised by the Malaysia Ministry of Health[3].

Vaccination: All travellers must have been fully vaccinated[4] and present a digital proof of vaccination that is recognised by the Singapore authorities[5], issued in any VTL country or Singapore. 

Unvaccinated travellers who are aged 12 and below can travel to Singapore via the VTL (Land) if accompanied by a fully vaccinated VTL traveller.

Children aged 2[6] years and below in the calendar year are not required to undergo these tests.

Singapore and Malaysia aim to progressively expand the VTL (Land) to include more travellers, including general travellers, taking into account the public health situation.

For more info on the Vaccinated Travel Lane (Land) between Singapore and Malaysia click here.


[1] Entry into Singapore via VTL (Land) will be for Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and Singapore Long-Term Pass Holders. Entry into Malaysia via VTL (Land) will be for Malaysian Citizens, Malaysian Permanent Residents and Malaysian Long-Term Pass Holders.

[2] Find out more on latest country/region classification here. Click here for the latest list of VTL countries/regions.

[3] The list of centres can be found here. These are accredited or recognised by the Malaysia MOH to provide professionally-administered PCR and ART tests.

[4] An individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after he or she has received the full regimen of any World Health Organisation Emergency Use Listing vaccines. More details can be found here.

[5] These must contain the necessary information about the travellers’ full vaccination regimen, as specified on the Safe Travel Office website. More details on acceptable proofs of vaccination for travel under the VTL can be found here.

[6]Children born in or after 2019 entering Singapore under the VTL in 2021 are not required to undergo the pre-departure COVID-19 PCR or ART tests.


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