5 reasons to use the Gov.sg bot

Cause we want to make your life easier…

Anthony Chia

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The Gov.sg bot was launched recently, and we’re the first Government chat bot on Facebook Messenger which uses machine learning and is fully automated! Here’s why you should use it.

1) It wants to serve you better

The Gov.sg bot is a continuous learner. It will learn to give better answers over time as more people use it. For example, it has now learnt that when people ask “What is the PIE”, they probably mean the Pan-Island Expressway and not an apple pie. You can spam it with questions and it won’t get angry (try asking it to tell you a joke).

Apple pie. Source: Giphy

Obviously not the pie you’re looking for…

2) Find the public officer or department you need

Did you know that you can find the contact details of Government agencies and their officers via the Directory option on the Gov.sg bot? The bot makes the search a cinch. It can even help you find your way to a Government organisation, from wherever you are.

3) Find out if it’s going to rain on your (National Day) parade

As patriotic Singaporeans, all of us would love to attend the National Day Parade, or at the least observe the fireworks from a good vantage point. And of course, the weather is key in getting that perfect shot of fireworks against the night sky. So if you’re wondering whether the weather will play its part for Singapore, or on any other day when you are wondering if you need an umbrella or sunscreen, just ask the Gov.sg bot! Besides the weather, the bot also has information on the current PSI level across Singapore.

Fireworks. Source: Giphy

4) Stay up to date with government-related news

Remember that time when you had to share that GrabCar or Uber with your boss, and he started talking about that recent Government policy change which you had no idea about? With the Gov.sg bot, you can now keep up to date with Government-related news and sound smart in front of your boss!

5) Send feedback to Government agencies straight from your phone

Many Government websites have implemented the “Ask Jamie” virtual assistant which helps users to find answers to specific questions. One thing it doesn’t do is send feedback directly to Government agencies – that’s where the Gov.sg bot comes in. Pick the right category, enter your feedback, and click submit! Your feedback/query goes straight to the relevant agency.

Source: Giphy

How we feel when we receive negative feedback… be kind!

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, check out our bot at https://m.me/gov.sg, click on Message on the Gov.sg Facebook page, or download the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone and search for the Gov.sg bot.

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