More schools to merge in 2019, JCs included

The move will address the significant continued fall in cohort sizes.

Nur Ashikin Isnin

More schools to merge in 2019, JCs included

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that it will be merging pairs of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges (JCs) in 2019 due to Singapore’s changing demographic landscape.

MOE will merge seven pairs of Primary Schools, three pairs of Secondary Schools and four pairs of JCs to address the significant continued fall in cohort sizes and ensure a meaningful education experience. This is because sufficient critical mass is needed for a school to offer a good range of educational programmes, subject combinations and co-curricular activities (CCAs). This will also be the first time that JCs are being merged.

The Ministry has also announced that it will open a new Primary School in 2018, Fern Green Primary, to meet the high demand for school places in Sengkang.

Schools to be merged in 2019

MOE has merged the pairs of schools based on careful considerations such as enrolment size, geographical proximity, suitability of merger partners and infrastructure capacity. Accessibility to transport and quality of infrastructure are the factors behind the chosen sites for the merged schools, while the overall geographical coverage across Singapore is an additional consideration for JCs.

MOE will work together with the affected schools to ensure a smooth transition to the merged school for staff and students, and in the process, forge a strong identity for the merged school. A heritage space in the merged school building will document the history and heritage of both schools. As with all previous mergers, there will be no retrenchment of MOE staff.

Source: MOE

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