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State Courts

Looking to claim against a company which sold you a defective item and doesn’t want to give you a refund? You could file a Small Claims case up to the State Courts, but it will need to meet this criteria:

Type of claims

• Contract for the sale of goods

• Contract for the provision of services involving skill and labour

• Damage to property (except for damage arising from the use of a motor vehicle)

• Certain cases under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading Act) such as the refund of motor vehicle deposits.

• Lease of residential premises not exceeding 2 years

Also, the claimable amount must not exceed S$10,000 (or up to S$20,000 if both parties agree in writing).

Enhanced small claims

Previously, you were required to go to court to file your claims, make payments, and attend consultations and hearings. From 10 July 2017 onwards, a new Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS) allows a large part of this process to be done online. The system even has an e-Negotiation feature, which allows all parties to negotiate and reach a settlement without having to go to the courts.

Improvements with CJTS

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